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Kids Room Wallpaper

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A child’s world is a special, magical place. Their bedroom should reflect this playful inner landscape! Our uplifting, cheerful and whimsical kids wallpaper will help you transform your little one’s room into their favourite place, mirroring the magic that happens in their imaginations. 

From spirited animal buddies to beautiful florals or joyful patterns, Luxe Walls easy to install wallpapers are also highly durable. They can survive whatever energetic kids have to throw at them! What’s more, our Luxe Canvas range is removable and reusable, so your little one’s room can easily adapt and grow with them. 

Bursting with Joy

Is your darling an explosion of enthusiasm and energy? Match them stride for stride with cool wallpapers that are positively bursting with joy. Lively colours and fun, eye-catching patterns engage and stimulate the senses, so your bundle of joy will stay connected, interested and inspired throughout the day. Soft evening and night-time lighting ensure that these bright colours become more peaceful and sleep-inducing when it’s time to hit the sack. 

A Soothing Cocoon

For more introverted, shy children, the bedroom needs to be a haven of tranquillity and security, where they can rest and recuperate in a soothing, restorative environment. Prints or patterns that are very personal to them and keep them engaged work best, in soft, peaceful colours that promote relaxation. 


A print or colour inspired by your child’s favourite hobby is sure to bring them oodles of joy. If you’re happy to change the wallpaper out with the flow and ebb of childhood hobbies, this can be a great way to always make the right choice. On the other hand, if you’d like the wallpaper to stay relevant for longer, finding a vaguer, more loose connection to their hobby-of-the-moment is an easy way to get them interested in the wallpaper while making sure it won’t fall out of favour.