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Beige Wallpaper

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Beige Wallpaper

Beige wallpapers have long been the go-to for that look of elegance and sophistication over plain white shades. If the present day is anything to go by then this idea of beige hasn’t changed, just evolved. In this Beige Wallpaper category, you’ll find many classy and classic designs as well as more contemporary ones to suit whatever your desired style may be. 

Whether it’s for a bedroom, living room, dining room or wherever else you see fit, we have you covered in this collection with flowers, dots, patterns and much more!

Classy & Elegant

For that classic, classy and elegant style we have many wallpapers for you to choose from –  wood panelling and geometric designs to various patterned prints all of which have the ability to enhance your interior with that undeniable feeling of elegance. Looking at these designs they would look truly brilliant in a living room, dining room or even bedroom to just bring out that classy flair that most homes would benefit from. 

Cool & Contemporary

Look beyond the past to our present and you’ll find that styles have changed but the classy vibes of beige have not. Designs featuring snakes and flowers are part of this category and are appropriate for those more modern styled homes, but if subtlety is what you’re looking for then we also have block colours in this category to add just that little bit extra to your favourite living spaces without taking away from the rest of the room.

No Challenge at all

There’s nothing simpler than re-decorating your classy new room with Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s quick and easy to install, and once it’s up, it stays up! Our wallpapers are straightforward to maintain and highly durable, so they’ll stay looking elegant for years to come.