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Black Wallpaper

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Black Wallpaper

Timeless, elegant and sophisticated are a few ways to describe black wallpaper. In the twentieth century, black was regarded as a very high fashion colour and the same can be said for now. What black does well, is it enhances its surroundings by making them stand out by just being against it – colours pop out in front of black.

In our Black Wallpaper category, you’ll find designs that are suitable for many rooms, occasions and feature walls. 

A Special Occasion

Black being the dominant shade it is, makes it great for feature walls or special occasions since our wallpapers are 100% removable after-all. While looking through the category you’ll come across wallpapers such as Black Grunge, Smoky Concrete and Black Brick all of which you’ll notice as being fantastic prints for a feature wall or even formal occasions like functions, celebrations or conferences. Make your surroundings pop from your feature wall or your decorations come alive on special occasions.

Elegance & Sophistication

If you’re looking for a wallpaper that enriches your interior then this category has you covered. Block colours that are black or dark shades of grey and tasteful designs on black are some of what we have to enhance your home in an elegant manner. These prints will still bring out the best of its surroundings but it will also have it’s own sophistication, making it excellent for dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms just to name a few.

Straight Forward

Our peel-and-stick wallpapers are easy to install and highly durable, so your room’s formal makeover will be up and ready in no time!  Enjoy the process just as much as the finished result!