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Frequently Asked Questions


Meet Luxe Walls
Luxe Walls is Australia’s go-to destination for affordable bespoke wallpaper. We’re proud to be an all-Australian business at the forefront of interior design innovation and style.

We specialise in creating premium quality wall art, wall murals and wallpaper for homes and businesses all around the world, and we pride ourselves on our safe materials, and odour-free products.

We can print to any size, and with our products designed to be DIY, there’s no complicated or messy installation process, just: position, peel and apply pressure.

You can print just about anything on Luxe Walls’ wallpaper. The options are endless, limited only by your imagination. Luxe Walls is all about creating custom wallpaper to suit your individual style.

Japanese wallpaper, graffiti wallpaper, world maps and vintage wallpaper are all possibilities. If you want to think outside the box, you can opt for textured wallpaper like brick wallpaper or marble wallpaper. These options can help create a unique look for your chosen room.

Whatever your tastes, we work hard to ensure a range of beautiful wallpapers are always available, so you can select which wall art is your favourite. You can then achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Through our partnership with Alamy, we have thousands of different images on our site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply email us and we will source what you want.

Alternatively upload your own image, thus creating your own personalised wall. Lots of our clients love creating a wallpaper collage that can showcase their favourite family memories.

Luxe Walls’ wallpapers are designed for use in the home, nursery, office and anywhere really! That means they’re tested and proven safe for everyone, including the little ones.

What guarantees, refund policies or insurance do you offer?
Luxe Walls offers a five year warranty on your wallpaper, and a two year warranty on your wallpaper print. As each job is custom made, we do not refund for change of mind.

Of course if there is a fault in the fabric or print production we will replace the faulty panel.

If you are experiencing technical issues whilst using, such as buttons missing or drop-down menus not appearing, this is most likely due to your internet browser not being compatible with our website. This can be easily fixed by upgrading or switching to the latest version of Google Chrome. If you are still experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to contact Luxe Walls on 1300 588 526.


Can Luxe Walls’ wallpaper be removed and reapplied?
We have three varieties of wallpaper: Luxe Canvas, Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone.

Of these three options, Luxe Canvas is removable wallpaper. You can apply this (using our installation guide) and then, should you change your mind or want to update your walls again at a later date, you can simply peel the wallpaper from the wall.

We do not recommend the removal of Luxe Linen or Luxe Crushed Stone.

Luxe Canvas can be easily reapplied as many times as you like. The polyester fabric is designed to not rip or wrinkle, but take care when reapplying so it doesn’t stick to itself. If it does, don’t worry, simply separate the edges carefully.

The Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone can be repositioned when installing but we do not recommend it be reapplied once installed.

When I remove the wallpaper, will there be a mess left behind?
If the installation guide is followed correctly, there should be 99% no residual mess on your wall when Luxe Walls’ Luxe Canvas wallpaper is removed.

Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone are recommended as a repositionable wallpaper (when installing) however, they are not removable.

When applying Luxe Walls’ wallpapers, ensure the wall has been previously primed prior to painting, otherwise the paint or adhesive may come off. If applying to newly painted surfaces, make sure you allow 30 days for out gassing preventing bubbles. Avoid placing on walls painted with an easy clean, teflon based paint.

If you place your wallpaper on pebbly, textured or porous surfaces, you may get poor results.

Also don’t install your wallpaper above a fireplace.

For detailed installation tips, follow our INSTALLATION GUIDE

How simple is the removal process? How do I store my wall art?
The removal process is as simple as the installation process but in reverse!

Simply lay your backing paper on the floor and place the removed adhesive wallpaper panel directly on the backing paper, sticky side down. Smooth out your wallpaper, ensuring there are no wrinkles. Finally, roll it up.

To store your wall art, simply put it back on the original backing paper. Store in a box (or the tube you received it in) in a dry location.

What if there are bubbles in my wallpaper?
Bubbles are easily removed from Luxe Walls’ wallpapers by lightly pressing and smoothing out the bubble. Alternatively, peel back the area and reapply. If the bubbles persist pierce the bubble with a straight, clean pin and smooth out the bubble carefully with your fingers.

Remember, don’t rub too hard or you can damage your wallpaper print.

What if my wall isn’t exactly square?
It doesn’t matter if your wall isn’t exactly square. At Luxe Walls, we’ve got you covered in every situation.

When you’re installing your wallpaper, start at the left hand side of the wall and work towards the right. If your wall has been measured correctly, there will be more than enough wallpaper to cover the wall. Luxe Walls’ wallpaper panels also allow for an overlay of 15mm to help with this problem. The excess can then be trimmed once the wall has been completed, leaving you with a complete new look for your interiors.

Wallpaper Info

How do I look after and maintain my wallpaper?
As Luxe Walls’ Wallpaper is a printed product, we recommend cleaning with great care. Use a damp, clean white cloth, and do not rub your print but rather, dab around the affected area.

What materials are Luxe Walls’ wallpapers made from?
Luxe Walls’ offer three different wallpaper bases to print on:

  • Luxe Canvas is a peel-and-stick self adhesive polyester fabric. It is removable, reusable and repositionable.
  • Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone are self adhesive flexible calendared vinyl film. These products are repositionable when installing, however we do not recommend removing them once the installation is completed.

What surfaces are best for using Luxe Walls’ wallpapers?
Luxe Walls’ wallpaper will adhere to all smooth surfaces. The optimum wall texture for a successful application of  Luxe Walls’ wallpaper is a smooth, properly primed, painted and cured wallboard with little or no surface variation.

Semi gloss and gloss paints, on a rendered surface offer the best surface to place your wall art.

Avoid applying your customised wallpaper on walls with a flat or matte finish, as the porous surface makes the adhesion more difficult due to the inability to adhere to the surface. Satin and low lustre paints are better, however the matting agents in these paints can negatively affect the adhesion.

Luxe Walls’ wallpapers are not recommended for use on brick, non-painted cement walls and spackled wall board.

Do not use Luxe Walls’ wallpaper on walls painted with teflon paint or apply over existing wallpaper. If you need to repaint your wall, ensure you leave your paint enough time to prime and gas, as per the paint manufacturer’s requirements.

Can I hire someone to install my Luxe Walls’ wallpaper?
Luxe Walls’ wallpaper is designed to be DIY so that just about anyone can feel confident installing it.

A professional isn’t needed, however, if you’d rather have your Luxe wallpaper professionally installed, we can definitely recommend an installer in an area near you. Email us through our CONTACT US page.

I want to see a sample of the wallpaper before I order. Can you send me a sample?
Sampling our products is the best way to work out which base is best for you and your room. To order a SAMPLE, simply fill out our ORDER A SAMPLE form. Within days you will receive our sample pack and can start planning your new room.

Does the wallpaper have an odor?
Luxe Walls‘ murals on Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone are printed with Latex ink and are odourless. Our premium Latex inks have met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air and have qualified for the Ecologo and Greenguard certifications.

Luxe Canvas is printed with UV inks. All our UV inks are environmentally sensitive, free of VOCs and cure with low energy consumption and low ozone dissemination. They have also qualified for Greenguard certifications.

How much will it cost to transform my wall?
Luxe Walls offers three different wallpaper options – Luxe Canvas, Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone, all at the same cheap price.

For $89 per square metre (GST inclusive), you can transform your wall from plain to statement.

Of course, every space is unique, so to work out the total cost of your wall mural, input your wall width and height into our PRICE CALCULATOR and we will calculate the cost for you.

Is Luxe Walls’ wallpaper appropriate to use on my ceiling?
If your ceiling is a smooth surface, it can definitely be wallpapered with Luxe Walls products. Ensure you follow the same installation steps stated for your walls. To view our installation recommendations visit our INSTALLATION GUIDE.

Is Luxe Walls suitable for use as a splashback in a kitchen or a bathroom?
Due to the paints used in bathrooms, we do not recommend installing our wallpaper in these wet areas as adhesion is not always successful.

Kitchen splashbacks are definitely possible but we recommend they be covered with glass to protect the print.

Will my wallpaper stretch or shrink?
No, your wallpaper won’t stretch or shrink, unless it’s left outside in the sun/exposed to the outdoor elements for a period of time.

Can I install the wallpaper in an outdoor area?
Luxe Walls’ wallpapers can be used outside to dress up a dull area or help create an outside room. UV inks are used when printing for outdoor purposes and the lifespan of the wallpaper is shorter than that for internal use as the elements can cause the wallpaper to shrink.

Shipping & Delivery

What are your expected delivery times?
All Luxe Walls‘ designs are printed in Australia, so we’re able to deliver your printed wallpaper within 7 to 10 business days. We use Australia Post to get your wall art direct to your door.

Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely! Once we receive your order we will source the best freight available and will be in contact with the cost.

Is there any tax or duty payable on my international order?
As all countries have different duty rules and regulations, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to investigate if any duties are payable on overseas orders.


Am I breaching any copyright? Will photographer watermarks show?
Luxe Walls abides by all copyright regulations and pays royalty payments on all images in our image library.

Luxe Walls has been watermarked on all our images to protect our photographers. This watermark will not appear on your wallpaper.

Why doesn’t the whole image fit my wall size?
This has to do with the dimensions of the image. The image will be cropped to fit your wall. If you would like the whole image to fit your wall, please upload your art at the exact dimensions of your wall.

The image I want is no longer available/I can’t find what I want…
At Luxe Walls we update our images regularly. Sometimes photographers and illustrators also make changes to their portfolios. This is not a regular occurrence, but in the event of an image you want becoming unavailable, please contact us and we will see if we can offer a similar image.

If you can’t find your perfect image, CONTACT US with a brief description of what you want and we’ll investigate on your behalf.

How do I check if my own image is high enough resolution?
To find out an image’s DPI (dots per inch), right-click on the file name > Properties > Details. If you have a program like Photoshop, click the “Image” menu and choose “Image Size”. Choose “pixels/inch” from the Resolution drop-down menu if it is not already displayed by default. The number in the Resolution box is the DPI of the photo.