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Neutral Wallpaper

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Neutral Wallpaper

Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your home with our fantastic collection of neutral wallpapers. Due to the versatility of patterns and tones in this category, they will look great in any interior. Your home can benefit from a neutral colour palette if you’re after a subtle feel or wanting to make the prominent colours in your room pop. 

A diverse and tasteful array of designs can be found in this category, including; patterns, floral, stone and other wonderful abstract designs.

Soft & Subtle

Neutral designs are always subtle but that doesn’t have to mean they are just plain and simple. Within this collection, none of the designs will detract from other features in your interior. Wallpapers such as our Mushroom Damask and Neutral Tropicals are excellent examples of prints that blend in while still giving your room that refined and tasteful feeling – soft is the key in this category and it works wonders.

Bring Out Surroundings

The other big benefit of Neutral Wallpapers is of course the ability for them to bring out the other features you may have in your living area. Our Moroccan Pattern and Plush Pink Wood Panel Wallpapers are just two examples out of many that would allow other bold finishes to pop and gain that extra bit of focal attention. These wallpapers achieve this due to the more faint colour palette creating that softness.

Plain & Simple

With Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpaper, interior decorating is a piece of cake. Give your walls a makeover in no time with our highly durable, easy-to-install wallpapers and watch your interior space transform. No mess, no hassle – just a lot of fun!