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Wallpaper for Boys

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Wallpaper for Boys

Contemporary, cool and a lot of blue perfectly sums up our boys’ wallpaper range! When it comes to a young boys’ wallpaper it’s gotta have a cool factor, something you can show your friends. Blue is synonymous with boys in the modern-day and has been since the around the 1940s officially. Blue, however, isn’t always the answer and that’s why we have some pretty amazing designs in this collection to cater for what a young boy may like.

Whether you’re after something blue or something different, we have many awesome designs in our Wallpaper for Boys collection that may be just for you.

Blue for Boys

As mentioned before, blue is the gender signifying colour for boys and therefore a lot of wallpapers are catered for like so. Throughout this collection you’ll find various designs featuring the colour blue, such as; patterns and shapes, often on a blue background, making them excellent choices for a baby or young boys room. If it’s a growing boys wallpaper you are looking to update, we do have other options too.

Contemporary Cool

When a young boy starts to grow up, having cool wallpaper is often important, so at Luxe Walls we have you covered. Looking down the list in this collection you’ll find wallpaper designs involving; space, bats, boats, arrows and decorative graffiti to name a few. The variety available is fantastic for transforming a young boys room into a growing boys room as we know how important it is to have a contemporarily cool room at that age.


There’s nothing simpler than re-decorating your cool new room with Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s quick and easy to install, and once it’s up, it stays up! Our wallpapers are straightforward to maintain and highly durable, so they’ll stay lookin’ cool for years to come.