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3 Steps To Stunning Casual Chic Decor

February 16 2017

Everyone dreams of the home that offers the ideal blend of style and comfort. There’s nothing worse than a home that doesn’t feel ‘homey’. Most decorators and renovators alike, wish for a space that exudes thoughtfulness in its design, without being rigid or too formal.

3 Steps To Stunning Casual Chic Decor

Enter: Casual Chic – the perfect style for those after practical style.

Casual chic brings a quiet elegance to your interiors, making the space perfect for entertaining, as well as living in comfort.

But how do you strike the balance? We’ve talked to our styling experts to bring you 3 Steps To Stunning Casual Chic…

1. Get textured

If you love staying on top of the latest interior trends, you’ll know that we’re absolutely loving textures this season!

Adding texture or multiple textures to a space can do wonders. Texture adds depth, and a cosy elegance to tired rooms.

Additionally, textures can help you revamp a room from plain to casual chic with minimal effort.

Think: sheepskin rugs, woolly throws, bamboo blinds and sequinned cushions.

For optimal impact, try introducing two or three textures into your chosen space.

Neutral colours for the foundations of the room are often complemented with boldly coloured and textured accents.

What we love about adding texture to a space is that you don’t have to change the underlying style of the room, but merely update it with new key pieces.

The more variety in texture your interior has, the more luxurious it will feel!

2. Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic and versatile tool in the interior decorator’s arsenal, and you’d be surprised at how much difference adding one to a space makes.

Firstly, depending on your chosen style, mirrors often offer the optical illusion of making a space appear bigger than it actually is.

Though mirrors do far more than that. The right mirror can instantly add an understated elegance to an otherwise plain space.

There’s something inherently formal and dressy about mirrors, particularly the more opulent designs. When added to a room that errs on the more basic side of style, a mirror has the ability to lift an interior from drab to fab, with minimal fuss.

3. Stow away clutter

While we can agree there’s nothing worse than a living room that’s too formal, there’s also the other end of the spectrum – a living room that’s too lived in.

As we spend year after year in our homes, we generally accumulate an array of clutter. Seasonal wares, items our kids have grown out of and perhaps some less-than-desireable gifts from well-wishing relatives.

All of these items tend to build up, and leave our interiors feeling cluttered and messy.

We’ll let you in on a little secret here: clutter and casual chic don’t go hand in hand.

But before you get overwhelmed with having to do a big clean up, let’s think about storage.

There are some incredibly stylish storage options that work super well with the casual chic look.

Think woven, stowaway baskets as opposed to those unsightly plastic tubs. Baskets can then help create that all-important texture throughout your home as well – two birds, one stone anyone?

Another great option is utilising hooks, where you can hang those heavier seasonal wares, as well as things like jewellery and bags.

Everyone wants a home that makes their guests feel at ease, while still maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

With textures, mirrors and the right storage, any home can exude casual chic.

Have you got more ideas and tips on how to make your home a space that blends the right amount of style and comfort? Share your experiences in the comments below.