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Home Office Wallpaper

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Your study is the ‘office away from the office.’ It represents the balance between being in the comfort of your own home but in a space dedicated to focus and productivity. This means your decor must perform a very specific purpose: motivate and energise you without distracting or tiring your eyes. It also means you have the luxury of designing a workspace that works for you! 

The wallpaper you choose depends heavily on the type of work that takes place in your study. Is yours a creative occupation? A more traditional profession? Will your kids be working in this room? Your answers to these questions will guide the colours and patterns that are most suitable for your purpose. 

Colour Psychology

Since home offices have such specific functions, it’s essential to understand how colours affect your mood, so that you can make the best choice for you. 

Steer clear of too much white and grey. These colours don’t stimulate the senses and can become rather sterile. Make your environment more engaging by adding pops of bright colour and warmth!

Green is the colour that the human eye processes fastest. This means it’s also the ‘easiest’ colour to look at, and even prolonged exposure won’t tire your eyes out. 

Blue is a calming colour that also boosts productivity, so it’s ideal for a home office!

Warm colours, like orange, yellow or red, stimulate the senses and create feelings of optimism and joy. While they might be ideal for more creative workspaces, avoid them if you want your study to be a place of quiet focus. 

What Do You Do?

A study used for creative jobs like writing, illustration or graphic design, amongst many others, benefits from bright, optimistic colours and cheerful, playful prints. These imbue your space with your personality as well as inspiration, enthusiasm and joy, empowering you to unleash your creative powers. 

More traditional workspaces focused on productivity, focus, and quiet energy should concentrate on comfort and personality. Make sure your choice motivates you without distracting you and reflects your values and tastes. Subdued tones, like pastels, are a great way of bringing in colour without being overwhelmed. 

So Simple

Working is hard enough as it is, so Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpaper makes decorating easy as pie! Easy to install and long-lasting, our no fuss, no mess solution is the ideal way to give your walls a new lease on life.