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Jungle Wallpaper

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It’s a jungle out there! But why not invite the jungle in? With Luxe Walls’ beautiful and varied collection of luscious wallpapers, design your very own jungle retreat. Featuring gorgeous greens, fantastic pops of colour and some playful prints, this collection is ideal for the explorers amongst us.

Whether you’re designing for a wacky and wild feel or a serene, secluded getaway, there’s a jungle print or landscape for you. 

In commercial areas, illusion landscape wallpapers and non-repeating patterns are ideal for manipulating dimensions and speaking to the power of your space and identity. However, they make fantastic focal points and accent walls in homes as well. Repeating patterns work really well in cosy spaces with lots of character and feeling, and jungle-inspired designs bring a genuine sense of seclusion and delicious secrecy. 

It’s Only Natural

To create an immersive experience in your space, prioritise natural materials when furnishing and accessorising your jungle wallpaper. This envelopes guests and visitors in the illusion of the outdoors, of adventure, and of movement. 

It’s All About Colour

With a predominantly green or neutral colour palette on your walls, you can go a little crazy with your accessories and decorations. Choose bright pops of colour like reds, oranges, yellows and blues to bring your scheme to life. 

Eclectic Chic

Some jungle-inspired prints lend themselves fabulously to eclectic interiors with a dash of whimsy. Featuring wild animals, gorgeous flowers and deep contrasts, they make the perfect background for your footloose and fancy-free decorating. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality!

Easy Peasy

With Luxe Wall’s peel-and-stick wallpaper, interior decorating is a piece of cake. Give your walls a makeover in no time with our highly durable, easy-to-install wallpapers and watch your space transform. No mess, no hassle – just a lot of fun!