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Julie Hansen Wallpaper

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With the chaos of everyday life, I like to hope that my art can bring a little calm and peacefulness into your life. My art is about creating beauty for your home, but it is more than that. Creating art is a lifestyle, it is a lifestyle of slow living, of finding beauty in the little things. My art is about finding inner peace and transform some of life’s chaotic moments into peaceful and beautiful pieces of art, art that not only is healing me, but also bringing a sense of peace and happiness into the homes of my collectors.

I am an abstract artist, Art Therapy student and a mental health advocate currently living in the Blue Mountains, NSW with my husband and our two sons. I grew up in a small countryside community in Denmark, where my love for nature and colour began.

Inspired by nature and driven by intuition, I attempt to let my free-flowing abstract artworks tell the story of the intersection in-between control and chaos. Controlling the otherwise uncontrollable alcohol inks is an inherently calming and therapeutic experience, an experience I hope to pass on to the viewers of my art.