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Mid-Century Wallpaper

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Mid-Century Wallpaper – for those who never compromise function for form. For those who see the beauty in simplicity. For those who feel like the world is their oyster. 

Mid-century design embodies the optimism and bravery of post-war America. Simple, clean lines following flowing, organic curves or geometric forms became the expression of hope and gritty survivalism that characterised the mid-nineteenth century. Materials were celebrated for their own qualities rather than being made to look like something else, and designers saw elegance and harmony in everything. 

This style blended a focus on comfort and functionality with timeless charm and durability. Mid-century is designed to last, to be your home through thick and thin—a place where your body and your soul are nurtured. 

Our range of Mid-century inspired wallpapers personifies this spirit and resilience. Our functional, every-day designs bring a sleek, simple magic to your walls that will never go out of date. From bright and bold colour palettes to understated neutral tones, there’s something for every home and every taste. 

Less is More

Mid-century design is characterised by functionality over form and quality over quantity. Every element in your scheme must earn its place. If you’ve chosen a louder, more vibrant print for your walls, integrate them into a pared-back project with open spaces, minimalist furniture, subtle yet effective accessorising and colour accents, and a medley of favourite textures.

If your wallpaper is more monochromatic and subtle, bring the colour in with discerning accessories and furnishings. Play with contrasting colour pops and layers of texture to create depth and contrast, which help draw the eye across the room and transform dimensions. 

Natural Wonder

Don’t be afraid to include natural materials in your Mid-century scheme. The organic lines and curves embody simplicity and function, hallmarks of the style.

New Toys

The mid-century period is also characterised by the technological advances which gave us a slew of new materials and textures to play with. Dare to include non-traditional materials in your scheme to really bring home the sense of pushing boundaries and keeping faith. 

Easy Does It

Our peel-and-stick wallpapers look fantastic, but most of all, they’re super easy to apply. The paper will be up in no time, and your walls will stand the test of time, just as this timeless style has.