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Rustic Wallpaper

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There’s something about shiplap, woodland patterns or a print with echoes of a cosy farmhouse that never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Creating a rustic interior is a sure-fire way of infusing your home with warmth, intimacy and character, and there are plenty of styles to play around with. From industrial rustic to modern farmhouse chic, Southern belle vibes or a more traditional feel, you can mould your design to suit your needs.

Luxe Walls’ rustic-feel prints range from trusty timber to soothing earth tones, playful patterns and full-on landscapes which are sure to take your breath away. Whether you’re looking for a feature wall or something to transform a whole room, we’ve got the wallpaper for you! 

Nature Knows

One of the hallmarks of the rustic aesthetic is the use of natural materials in your design. Raw and unfinished elements in wood or stone bring that rugged edge that makes a room feel so alive and warm, while playing around with textures such as sheepskin or animal hides (or imitations) creates depth and interest in your space.

A Modern Touch

If you prefer a sleeker finish to your rustic design, match rustic elements with modern furnishing and accessories. This imbues your space with eye-catching contrasts and the perfect blend of modern functionality with traditional values. 

Earthy Accents

Whether you choose to carry the rugged, rustic theme throughout your room or go the more modern route, bring cohesion to your scheme by focusing your colour story on natural, earthy tones. Choose deep and vibrant greens and blues, terracotta, stone or sandy tones, with some dashes of bright floral reds or yellows. 

Simple and Straightforward

There’s nothing easier than re-decorating with Luxe Wall’s peel-and-stick removable wallpaper. It’s easy to apply and maintain, so your new look will be up in a jiffy with no mess and no fuss, and it’ll keep its good looks as long as you need.