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Vintage Wallpaper

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Take a trip back in time by exploring our wide variety of vintage wallpaper to add a retro touch to your home decor. If you are in search of a blast from the past or a period piece then our vintage wallpaper collection is perfect for adding that classic touch. Our retro illustrations range from old American diners, antique world maps to old steam trains and all create an elegant and unique finish to your room that will refuse to go out of fashion.

Timeless Sophistication

Our vintage wallpaper range is also great at adding a touch of sophistication to a room in your home or office. The sepia tones that are associated particularly with monochrome photographs of the 19th and early 20th centuries will blend into any type of setting and a perfect to use in offices, living rooms or bedroom walls. Our wall murals will add a hint of colour and will blend perfectly in any type of decor. You can use our vintage wallpaper on our original and innovative self-adhesive canvas, linen or crushed stone wallpaper. If you are looking for an easy solution to transform the look of your walls and the decor of your room, you are at the right place! Our wall murals, wallpaper murals and photo murals are extremely easy to install and can easily be removed if needed.


All of Luxe Walls’ wallpapers are custom printed after your order is received, to ensure that your room is totally unique – just like you. And thanks to the highest attention to detail at every stage of production, Luxe Walls’ wallpapers and wall murals are luxurious additions to any room. Browse the large collection of vintage mural choices and you’re likely to find that you have more favourites than you can choose from!