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Art Deco Wallpaper

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Born in the roaring 1920s, Art Deco has made a permanent mark on the interior design world. Bold, daring and fun-loving, it’s a style that’s never gone out of fashion. Why not make your space a statement of taste and glamour with a gorgeous art deco wallpaper print?


Characterised by angles, lines, symmetry and exuberance, it’s an enchantingly industrial style. No fussiness or romantic decor allowed! Shiny materials like steel, chrome, glass and lacquer appear again and again in Art Deco interiors, as do beautiful wooden features and exotic textures. It’s an ode to the abundance that a wave of industrial progress brought to many people.

Our range of Art Deco-inspired prints celebrates this effervescent and optimistic attitude. Whether you’re going full-on 1920s or just giving the style a nod, we’ve got the patterns that work for you!

Dreamy Symmetry

A clear preference for symmetrical arrangements defines art Deco interiors. From the layout of the furniture to the positioning of wall art, symmetry is key to creating the bold and striking ambience Art Deco is known for. The ideal wallpaper prints are therefore repeating patterns on a grid.

Geometrics Galore

Geometric illusions, hard angles and linear decoration are hallmarks of the Art Deco style. Large- or small-scale prints lend themselves equally well to this type of interior, depending on the kind of space you’re working with, just as long as there are few soft edges!

Step Boldly

Just like the style itself, Art Deco colours are fearless. Vibrant and bold, Art Deco colour schemes feature plenty of depth and contrast, all highlighted with metallic accents in chrome, gold or lacquer. This creates a sense of intimacy and luxe in your space.

Nice and Easy

Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpapers make DIY design projects so much easier. Don’t be intimidated at the thought of making over your walls! Our wallpapers are easy to install, long-lasting and good-looking.