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This stunning Aboriginal design collection is a collaboration between the National Aboriginal Design Agency and Luxe Walls. It sees talented Aboriginal artists and their contemporary work showcased in this exclusive, capsule collection.
Salt Water Fresh Water Arts Alliance
A not-for-profit organisation, Salt Water Fresh Water Arts Alliance is governed by a board of ten Aboriginal Land Councils from Karuah to Coffs Harbour. Its sole focus is to position culture as the foundation for development of Aboriginal communities through skill development, cultural programs and the creation of culturally based employment opportunities.
The National Aboriginal Design Agency
The National Aboriginal Design Agency  is the commercial arm of  Saltwater Freshwater Alliance and aims to “close the gap” in Aboriginal communities by supporting community based art and design businesses.  The National Aboriginal Design Agency supports artists to create stunning contemporary Aboriginal designs that contain ancient and sometimes contemporary stories of Aboriginal culture and people.
Culturally Rich
Aboriginal art is perfect for creating an aesthetically intriguing and culturally rich piece of art that allows you to explore meaning and findings of another culture right on the wall in front of you.

All of Luxe Walls’ Aboriginal wallpapers are custom printed after your order is received, to ensure that your room is totally unique – just like you. And thanks to the highest attention to detail at every stage of production, Luxe Walls’ wallpapers and wall murals are luxurious additions to any room.

Browse the large collection of certified aboriginal art mural choices and you’re likely to find that you have more favourites than you can choose from!