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Jeremy "Mudjai" Devitt Wallpaper

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Jeremy “Mudjai” Devitt is descendent of the Nganyaywana, Daingutti (Dhanggatti) and Gumbainga (Gumbaynggirr) nations and has English, Irish and Scottish heritage. Jeremy is an accomplished and passionate artist and dancer.
Jeremy has been creating artwork since about seven or eight years old.
Having some fine arts training at EORA College during 2007 and 2008 gave Jeremy a chance to develop other styles and experiment with painting.
Inspired by culture, Mother Nature, spirit and life, his style of style of painting is called ‘spiritway’, learned from his Uncle and passed down through generations of Elders.
His advice to all Aboriginal artists starting out is if they are painting in traditional styles is to listen to and watch your Elders carefully, to ensure your painting has story. Take great pride in your painting as one day you will be handing this knowledge on to the next generation.