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Retro Wallpaper

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Retro design will never go out of date. Whether we’re talking fashion or interior decor, retro prints and colours are effortlessly fresh, trendy and eye-popping. Most importantly, a retro scheme never fails to bring a cheeky dash of fun to the whole home, with a nod both to the past and the future of interior design. Stay on-trend and include some retro magic in your home!

Luxe Walls’ bright and fearless collection of Retro-inspired wallpapers is the perfect way to infuse your interiors with a little bit of nostalgia and plenty of joy. Featuring a wide range of colours and patterns, there’s something for everyone. You might be looking for a striking accent wall or something to cover the whole room with – no matter what, we’ve got it!

Bright and Bold

If there’s one thing that retro isn’t, it’s quiet and timid. The style is characterised by exuberance and optimism, unafraid to stand out. So bring your retro scheme to life by choosing bold and bright colours, furnishing and accents, breathing joy throughout your home. Retro is a style that’s always young!

Beautiful Botanicals

Bright and intricate botanicals are a staple of the retro aesthetic. Organic patterns in saturated colour tones effortlessly bring you back to the by-gone era, all the while exuding gentleness and femininity. Pair them with sleek mid-century furniture for a cool contrast that stays within the retro scheme, or go to town with soft furnishings, patterns and textures for a boho feminine touch!

Fabulous Florals

Bold, high-contrast florals are another favourite of the retro style. Vibrant colours against a dark or light background, simple lines and a naive feel really bring the scheme together.

Gorgeous Geometrics

Geometric patterns are the main aesthetic that people associate with a retro style, and with good reason! With their clean lines, high contrasts and plenty of opportunities for colour blocking, they’re the perfect medium for the innocence and youth of retro interiors. They match up perfectly with the sleek, organic curves of mid-century or modern furnishings. 


Forget messy and daunting DIY remodelling. Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick removable wallpapers take the hassle out of interior decorating! Easy to apply and maintain, they’re the ideal solution for all your DIY needs.