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Powder Room Wallpaper

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Powder rooms are usually small, functional spaces, sometimes with very little natural light. But this doesn’t mean they can’t pack a style punch! The very fact that they are such tiny rooms means that you can go big with your decorating, choosing those colours or prints that might be overpowering in larger spaces. In your powder room, they’ll create immersive looks with plenty of personality, transforming your powder room from a banal necessity into an enchanting experience. 

Within the four walls of your powder room, you can easily and effectively condense all the elements of your personal interior style. Is your home a contemporary chic, modern sleek, traditional comforts, fresh eclectic, industrial edge, or anything in between, type of home? Our varied range of Powder Room prints has something for every homeowner, so you can design the space that best represents you. 

Muted Elegance

If you don’t want to make too much of a splash, but still want to wow visitors and express your taste, a beautiful print in muted pastels or neutral tones is the way to go. The prints lend texture and intrigue to your decor while the gorgeous, gentle colours create a light-hearted and easy-going elegance. 

Bright and Bold

Don’t be afraid to chase the rainbow and opt for bold, large-scale prints in vibrant colours. Use these prints on an accent wall for a tasteful nod to glamour, or plaster them fearlessly on all four walls to draw the powder room into your world. White, or single toned, furniture and accessories help to balance out this explosion of colour. 

Dark and Stormy

Darker prints, especially florals and botanical patterns, create an intense mood in your powder room. Immersive, dramatic and intimate, this type of decor makes the room feel distinctive and evocative. Every moment feels luxurious and decadent. 

Simple and Straightforward

Creating complex looks no longer entails complicated and time-consuming DIY! Luxe Walls removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy come, easy go, and it looks great to boot. A no mess, no fuss installation process means your room will be looking great in no time.