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Chintz Wallpaper

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Chintz first came to us from India, around the 17th century, and while it’s popularity has waxed and waned, the style has always been present in our interior design magazines. But what exactly is Chintz?

Chintz Explained

Originally woodblock printed, painted, stained or glazed calico textiles, today Chintz refers mainly to bright, coloured floral patterns on a light, creamy or neutral backdrop. It was an absolute favourite in Victorian decor, and the style does lend itself very well to traditional or country house-type interiors. But it also brings a breath of fresh air to more modern homes, adding a light touch of playfulness and garden-chic to any space.

Our beautiful Chintz-inspired wallpapers make it easy for you to pay homage to this style that has stood the test of time. The neutral base of most Chintz wallpapers makes them easy to integrate into existing colour stories, while the vibrant and multi-coloured florals are perfect for picking out accent colours.

Lighthearted Fun

Brighten up a room or creative commercial space with a Chintzy accent wall, which provides a fantastic focal point for your decor, or go full-on and create the floral Chintz room of your dreams. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a dash of colour and flowers.

Mix n’ Match

People often think it’s best to balance out a patterned wallpaper with plain furniture, or vice versa. Nonsense! Pair your wallpaper with a patterned sofa, armchair, bedspread or rug from the same colour family, and watch your space come to life!

Space Illusions

The size of your Chintzy print can be a great ally in manipulating the dimensions of your space. Choose the scale, direction and colour palette of your pattern to make your room feel bigger, smaller, longer or shorter – your wish is our command.

Simple Things

Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpapers take the hassle out of DIY design projects. Quick and easy to install, they’re also durable and straightforward to maintain, so they’ll keep their looks no matter what.