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Stripe Wallpaper

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Always Fashionable

If you’re looking to stay on top of the latest developments in interior design, then our trending wallpaper category is for you. Stripes are easy to overlook in the world of home decor, but Luxe Walls’ collection of striped wallpaper brings this classic pattern back into the spotlight. With a variety of striped patterns (including some that your may not ever have suspected could be classified as striped), Luxe Walls makes it impossible to ignore the way stripes can instantly add height and grandeur to any space. From modern, nature-inspired designs, to classic pattern and colour schemes, there is something for everyone in this collection.

Stunning Versatility

The trending wallpaper and wall murals are the secret to their success as they create a quiet elegance and can be hung either horizontal or vertical which can create illusions in regards to height of rooms with low ceilings. We have a large collection and versatility when it comes to striped wallpaper and wall murals which complement other designs to give your room a distinct look. A mural with stripes complements a room’s larger furnishings without overwhelming subtle fabric of lampshades or clashing with your existing window treatments. You can enhance faded floor tiles with wallpaper striped in complementary colours, or hide minor decorating flaws by drawing attention to an accent wall. Whatever your need our wide collection of striped murals and trending wallpaper will suit your needs.

The Luxe Walls Difference

We print all our striped wall murals on our original and innovative self-adhesive woven fabric. If you are looking for an easy solution to transform the look of your walls and the decor of your room, you are at the right place! Our wall murals, wallpaper murals and photo wall murals are extremely easy to install and can as easily be removed if needed.

Luxe Walls takes great pride in ensuring that their wallpapers are meticulously crafted luxuries. These wallpapers are produced in small batches, so your space is just as OOAK as you are, and features only the best wallpaper materials available. Browse the extensive collection of striped wallpapers from Luxe Walls to discover how many ways your space can reflect your style in this classic theme.


What Does Striped Wallpaper Do to a Room?

Striped wallpaper plays on the visual height and width of your walls. Vertical stripes tend to make a wall look taller, while horizontal stripes can make a wall look wider. In addition, stripes that are closer together can make a room feel bigger, giving the illusion of depth – perfect for smaller rooms. Wider stripes can be overwhelming in a smaller space. As a result, go for wider stripes in a bigger room.

Should I Hang My Striped Wallpaper Horizontally?

Striped wallpaper has a way of stretching your walls! If you hang your striped wallpaper horizontally it will give the illusion that your walls are wider.

How to Hang Striped Wallpaper Horizontally?

All of the wallpapers at Luxe Walls are self-adhesive peel-and-stick products. To give the illusion that your walls are wider, hang them horizontally. View our installation guide on how to hang your striped wallpaper here.

How to Hang Striped Wallpaper?

If you are looking to elongate your walls and give the illusion, they are taller, hang your striped wallpaper vertically. Alternatively, if you would like your walls to look wider, hang them horizontally. For more information on how to install Luxe Walls wallpaper, read our installation guide here.

Can You Hang Vertical Striped Wallpaper Horizontally?

Luxe Walls custom prints all our wallpapers, so we could have a vertical striped wallpaper printed with the stripes running horizontally.

How to Hang Striped Wallpaper Vertically?

Striped wallpaper create optical magic! Vertical stripes tend to make a wall look taller while horizontal stripes make your walls feel wider. View our installation guide on how to hang your striped wallpaper here.