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Watercolour Wallpaper

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Texture, depth, charm and personality: watercolour designs bring it all to the table. They feel ephemeral and historied at the same time, imbuing your home with both gentleness and resolute character, creating spaces which are immersive and soothing. The ‘hand-made’ feel of watercolour prints also adds a sense of intimacy to your decor, making your space feel unique and extraordinary. 

Whether you’re looking for abstract landscapes or washes of colour, cascading watercolour flowers, butterflies or patterns, our stunning collection of watercolour wallpapers has something for everyone. Find the perfect addition to a bedroom, living room, powder room or commercial space, and transform it into a memorable and charming experience for you and your visitors! Gorgeous neutrals, restful monochromes or explosions of colour will fill the room with intrigue and intimacy.

Beautiful Neutrals

The very nature of watercolour prints means that even if you choose a neutral palette, the swirls, layers, textures and depth will result in an exciting and eye-catching wallpaper. So you can make a statement without pushing the boat out too far! Add cohesion and flow to your scheme by drawing out the attractive tones, such as any sand, terracotta, stony greys or earthy hues, and using them in your furniture and accessories, with a few pops of colour here and there.

Gentle Power

Watercolour designs tend to have gentler outlines and a fading effect. Even when they feature bright, vibrant colours, they are therefore less overpowering than block colour prints and are easier to integrate into a scheme. They also generate more movement and dynamism in the decor, drawing the eye across the room and creating more cohesion within the space. All this to say that you can safely expand your interior design comfort zones with watercolour prints: you’re in good hands. 

Nice And Easy

Luxe Walls’ gorgeous peel-and-stick removable wallpapers are the perfect way to transform your space with minimal fuss and mess. They’re easy to install and incredibly long-lasting so that you can re-decorate fearlessly.