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Multicolour Wallpaper

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Multicolour Wallpaper

No specifics, no rules of colour, just a whole lot of fun! This category is all about explosions of all the colours. It can be related to the joy and excitement one gets when they see a rainbow in the sky. Inside this playful collection, you’ll come across many great prints that just yell out happiness and fun. 

Wacky, wild and different is what you’ll find in this Multicolour Wallpaper category. It’s a chance for your walls to reflect your own creative side.

Nothing Too Serious

This category doesn’t take life too seriously, sometimes fun and excitement is just what your walls are asking for. You’ll come across a few vibrant floral designs and an abundance of cool abstract styles.  These care-free designs can really transform a living space into something fun, exciting and uplifting. 

Exciting & Vibrant

Both exciting and vibrant are the perfect descriptors for this Multicolour Wallpaper category. Exciting is describing the feeling that is created with so many colours in one place.  It truly livens up a wall and the room it’s placed in. Vibrant is talking about the colours themselves, your attention is just absorbed by all the colours, the longer you stare the more tones you’ll see. Kids rooms, playrooms and offices can all really benefit from the feeling of fun and excitement you’ll receive from our multicolour prints.

A Piece of Cake

Luxe Walls’ multicolour wallpapers might make for a bold statement, but they’re incredibly quick and easy to install. Our handy peel-and-stick removable wallpaper will be up in a jiffy, and we only use top-quality materials that will stand the test of time.