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Nursery Wallpaper

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Amidst all the frenetic energy associated with welcoming a child into the world, planning your nursery should be a breath of creative, fresh air. It’s the perfect opportunity to cater to your own inner child! You’ll be spending almost just as much waking time in here as your baby, so it needs to be an environment that brings you joy and serenity as well. 

Whether you want to ‘gender’ your nursery or not, there are plenty of options out there that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Our cheeky and uplifting range of beautiful nursery wallpapers includes patterns for the dreamers and prints for the go-getters – and everything in between. Luxe Walls’ removable wallpaper also makes it so easy for your nursery to grow and evolve with your baby! 

Muted Magic

Nurseries are rooms for sweet dreams and family snuggles. Muted tones like neutrals and pastels are a great way to bring colour into the nursery without energising the space too much. So your little one will always be able to drift off to sleep. 

Playful Prints

From animal buddies to dreamy clouds or gorgeous florals, we’ve got something for every personality! More abstract prints like brushstrokes or stars are also a great way to ingest character into the room and give your baby something to look at – and someday, talk about. 

Gorgeous Watercolours

The soothing tones and strokes of watercolour-effect prints are ideal for creating a serene, restful haven away from the world. Bright without being overpowering, bold without being overwhelming, watercolours create unique spaces that feel as special as they look. 

Nice and Easy

The last thing you want to think about with a baby on the way is messy, hectic wallpaper installation – especially if you know you’re just going to take it down as soon as the baby outgrows it! But with Luxe Wall’s peel-and-stick wallpapers, you’ll have your new decor up and running in no time, with no mess and no fuss. The durable materials keep their good looks no matter what life throws at them, so you know you can rely on them for as long as you need them.