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Orange Wallpaper

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow – it represents fascination, joy and creativity. In wallpaper terms, orange will give life to your walls with its energetic hue, it’ll also induce vibrance and happiness, making the room an overall great place to be. Retro, abstract and contemporary really sums up this collection well.

Give your walls that brilliant vibrance that only orange can produce by selecting one of the epic designs in this Orange Wallpaper category.

Outstanding in Orange

Orange like its makers (red and yellow) is often best used sparingly, this also helps the chosen wall keep its wow factor. Looking through the collection you’ll find that the Dusk, Earth Fishes, Inkway and Orange Chamomile Wallpapers are all excellent examples of designs that pop and create that ‘wow’ factor for a feature wall, as well as that these mentioned wallpapers are all rather contemporary in style making them an outstanding choice for a home with a modern style or just a wall that’s begging to be centre of attention.

Retro Inspired

Looking back over the decades past you can see many old school designs that are suddenly reappearing again in the present. In this collection, you’ll find that our Colourful Art Deco Fan, Sawtooth Orange Flower, Peach Tree and Retro Vector Pattern Wallpapers are all heavily inspired by the styles and patterns that were popular in the last century. The first two mentioned being based on old school wallpaper designs and the latter two giving off a very 80s early video game vibes. All, however, are trendy once again and would make an impact wherever you choose to put them up.


Installing Luxe Walls’ gorgeous peel-and-stick wallpapers is easy as pie, and much less messy. Your makeover will be complete in no time, and our highly durable products will keep their vibrant orange shine for ages to come.