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Forest Wallpaper

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There’s something about trees that never fails to soothe us. We breathe easier, more freely, and feel a sense of peace and connection. They remind us of the world out there that existed before us and will exist when we are gone. If only there were a way to bring that feeling of harmony and continuity into your space…

Luxe Walls’ gorgeous collection of Forest Wallpapers features everything from forest illusions to playful patterns and pared-back prints. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom, open-plan layout or commercial space, we have something for you. Forest wallpapers can bring that sense of awe, mystic and adventure into a room that really draws people into the story. 

Coherent Colour Stories

Forest wallpapers are strong on the greens, browns or neutrals, with a few dashes of colours when flowers and fun are involved. This means they’re easy to accessorise when it comes to colour schemes and accents colours: you can pluck them straight out of the wallpaper, or choose colours from the opposite end of the colour wheel to create a deep contrast.

Always Contemporary 

Forests and trees will never go out of date. Don’t be afraid to pair your woody wallpaper with crisp, sleek lines and metallic accents! This creates depth and contrast which draw the eye across the room and foster interest and intrigue. 

Sweet and Traditional

Of course, forest wallpaper will also lend itself very well to more traditional schemes using plenty of timber and organic curves. The rich colour palette and use of texture in traditional decors pair nicely with the textured feel of forest prints. 

Easy Does It

There’s nothing simpler than re-decorating with Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s quick and easy to install, and once it’s up, it stays up! Our wallpapers are straightforward to maintain and highly durable, so they’ll stay good lookin’ for years to come.