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Tropical Wallpaper

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Everyone loves a tropical getaway – or, at least, the idea of one! Get the getaway without the hassle, or mosquitoes, with Luxe Walls’ breathtaking collection of tropical-inspired wallpapers. Transform your home into a lush, seductive and slightly wild refuge in just a few simple steps, and be ready to wow yourself and your guests every time. 

From luscious palms, atmospheric botanicals and vibrant highlights, featuring exotic animals and fun-loving prints, your tropical retreat can be as sophisticated or whimsical as you want. Whether you’re out for a bold accent wall or a whole-room transformation, we’re sure we have the print to suit your needs. 

Gorgeous Greens

The bold and vibrant green tones featured in our tropical collections make the perfect accent colour against a light or dark background. Draw the colour from our wallpapers into your space with bright furniture, accessories and soft furnishings, creating a cohesive colour story and an immersive experience. Add pops of reds, yellows and blues to create depth and interest. 

Bright and Bold

Choosing a wallpaper with intense contrasts and bright colours, which might feature gorgeous flamingos, exotic birds of paradise or other vibrant elements, is a fantastic way of imbuing a room with character and charm. Echo the accent colours in your accessorising choices, but with such a strong print we recommend steering clear of patterns in your furniture. 

Au Naturel

Natural and raw elements bring out the best in your tropical wallpaper. The combination of bright botanical prints with wood and stone furnishings creates an immersive and enchanting experience. Feel yourself transported to a lush, secluded tropical haven every time you come home!

Take It Easy

Transforming your home has never been easier. Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to apply, and the materials are highly durable and simple to maintain. Get your space looking fresh in no time!