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Teenage Room Wallpaper

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Teenage Room Wallpaper – A space to call your own is so important when you’re a teenager. From the furniture and layout right down to the wallpaper and wall art, being able to design your room from the ground up means you can create a home-within-the-home for yourself. It’s a place where you feel completely comfortable, understood and relaxed, or motivated, creative and inspired. Whether you only use your room for sleeping and leisure, or whether you work in there too, it’s vital to have a space that represents you. 

Our varied range of Teenager wallpapers has something for everyone. From creative whimsy to urban industrial and everything in between, our wallpapers bring out your taste and personality while transforming your room into your haven. 

Get Experimental

Don’t be afraid to step beyond the lines of the tried-and-tested. Intrigued by the bold florals or faux-bricks, but nervous about committing? Hang a panel in the centre of your wall and discover how you live with it, how you would accessorise it. Even just having one accent wall in your room can completely transform the space and dimensions. This is your time to test those design boundaries a little and discover where your decor comfort zone truly lies. 


Illusion wallpaper featuring a stunningly dramatic cityscape, architectural feature or nature getaway is a great way to make your room into something truly unique and transporting. Leave the cares of the day at the door and feel like you’re embarking on your perfect adventure every time you come home!

Chill Out

The last thing you want to do is spend many messy hours putting up wallpaper. Luxe Walls’ removable peel-and-stick wallpapers take the mess and the fuss out of DIY interior design. Quick and easy to install, our products are durable and straightforward to maintain. So they’ll keep their good looks no matter what life throws at them!