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Marble Wallpaper

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Add texture to your walls with our marble wall murals. No longer only seen in bathrooms and kitchen benches, marble wallpaper can add interest to walls in a variety of rooms

Mother nature created marble in a multitude of colours, and our range of images offer the ability to add the latest trends to your walls.

With three different self adhesive wallpapers available to print on we have your textures covered. Luxe Canvas offers 100% removability, whilst Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone add the extra element of touch to your walls.

Choose Your Specifications

Luxe Wall’s marble wallpapers are custom print to your wall specifications. Our high level of production ensures the quality of your wallpaper is second to none whilst our DIY self adhesive wallpapers are designed to make wallpapering easy.

Browse the large collection of marble wallpaper, and start finding your favourites now.

The Real Look

Marble is a natural material that adds texture, purity, and elegance to any area. When adding real marble to your walls simply isn’t an option, our marble wallpaper offers a more affordable solution. It adds the same texture and realistic appearance while also giving you more choices in terms of colour and design.


Our marble wallpaper for walls comes in traditional colours such as granite and black and white. You can also choose from new vibrant colours like orchid, tangerine, or violet agate. Each design is self-adhesive for an easy application. Even a neutral stone wallpaper has a stunning effect on any room when it’s custom-printed for your wall specifications

The Smartest Option

If you’ve always dreamed of having elegant marble walls, our marble wallpaper will provide the right realistic effect. This option adds texture and colour that makes any room or wall stand out and the process has never been easier. Our DIY wallpaper is made to order and it’s ready to fit your wall. Check out our entire range of marble wallpaper for walls.