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Sporting Nation By Tim Rath Wallpaper

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3D Shapes Wallpaper
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I am a first-time photographer/designer who, over the past six years, has
developed artworks, gift & homewares products focusing on sports popular in
Australia in the 1960’s -‘80’s.

Sport is a cultural icon in this country & the period spanning the 1960’s – ‘80’s is
often referred to as its golden era. It was one of high participation & as such it is looked back at very fondly by many of the literally millions of Australians, (namely baby boomers & their children), who lived through these decades.

My approach of collecting & subsequently photographing each piece of vintage sports equipment reflects a passion for sport, design & photography underpinned by a
nostalgia for a 1970’s Australian upbringing that saw first-hand the cultural
significance of sport in a small rural community.

To my mind the objects featured in my artworks are ‘ornaments to their game’; forever in the shade of those who used them they are finally getting their moment in the sun.

The tracing &/or silhouetting of each object, as seen on these particular wallpapers, is an attempt to enhance the uniformity across the specific composite designs.

– Tim Rath