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Living Room Wallpaper

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The cares and troubles of the day do not belong in the living room. Here, there is only contentment, joy, relaxation and leisure. The living room is the perfect place to lounge about on your own or with guests, cuddle up and read a book, listen to music. It’s a place that speaks to who you are when you’re yourself – and what better way to express yourself than with fabulous wallpaper? 

Making over the walls of your living room is the easiest way to infuse style, personality and a little bit of va-va-voom into your space. Luxe Walls’ diverse range of living room wallpapers offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for understated elegance, bold luxe or playful prints. 

Textured Neutrals

To make an impact without overwhelming your overall scheme, choose a textured neutral wallpaper. Grasscloth, paper or grunge textures are the ideal way to bring a little bit of intrigue and depth to an understated, neutral decor, but they’re also the perfect quiet-but-fun backdrop to a more dramatic style. 

Mix n’ Match

Nothing creates intrigue and depth like playing with different styles. Try matching a traditional wallpaper with contemporary or mid-century furniture to create a fascinating contrast! The ornate details of traditional styles contrast beautifully with the sleek functionality of more modern decors, all tied together by organic lines and curves. On the other hand, a modern or even industrial wallpaper paired with traditional or luxe furniture also makes for an enthralling look.

Playing with prints can also be very rewarding. Mix large- and small-scale prints from the same colour family to create eye-catching depth. 

Statement Ceiling

Why limit yourself to the walls? In a small space where patterned walls might overwhelm the scheme, a wallpapered ceiling can add personality without being overpowering. If you’re looking to create a more immersive experience, wallpaper both! 

Keeping it Simple

Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpapers are the ideal solution to your DIY design needs. They’re quick and easy to install, and tough enough to last as long as you need them. What’s more, they’re effortless to maintain, and they’ll stay good-lookin’ no matter the foot traffic.