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Coastal Wallpaper

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Make any day a seaside holiday with our fabulous range of coastal wallpapers. Bright and airy, ruggedly rustic, interestingly geometric or full of playful patterns, our breezy prints brighten up any room. You can almost smell that ocean breeze!

With cool, fresh colours and serene visuals, your interior decorating won’t just be a walk in the park; it’ll be a stroll along the beach. Whether you’re aiming for a picturesque seaside cabin or a luxe beach mansion, our crisp designs deliver fun-loving coastal vibes and schemes that are just full of life. 

Coastal stylings are an excellent opportunity to play with textures and natural materials, bringing the outdoors in. From nautical features like knots, ropes and twine to gorgeous stone and wood elements, without forgetting sand and seashells, reflective and shiny details and softer touches, you can really let your senses run wild as the waves. 

Coastal Chic

Accessorise your coastal wallpaper with a dash of luxe to create a slightly more chic feel. Play with gold, copper and marble accents and don’t shy away from bringing a touch of sophistication to your scheme! Focussing on neutral shades also elevates your design, creating a sense of elegance and refinement.

Bold Accents

The beautiful neutrals, vibrant blues and bright greens of our coastal collection are a perfect background palette, against which you can play with bold accent colours to bring some warmth and depth to your scheme. Contrasting colours create engaging and stimulating interiors, drawing the eye across the room and building a sense of space.

Take It Easy

Our peel-and-stick wallpapers are the ideal companions for the chilled-out, laid-back coastal vibe. Plenty of fun with zero fuss, they’re easy to install, durable, and effortless to maintain. Their good looks are long-lasting, so your seaside getaway will keep its magic for as long as you need.