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Black & White

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For only involving the two most basic of colours, there is something about the classic combination of black and white wallpaper that speaks to almost any style. It can be used in bold, traditional prints to create a masculine feel, or in soft contemporary prints to infuse a space with something more delicate. Whether you want your room to feel like a work of art, or you want to give a space a powerful formality, Luxe Walls’ line of black and white wallpaper are the ideal solution.

Monochrome Wallpaper For The Modern Home

Our black and white wallpaper category of wall murals will create a distinguished, modern and impressionable feel to any room. If you are seeking the ‘wow’ factor, these wall murals are the perfect choice to add the dramatic impact you are looking for.

If you are looking for a simple expression of beauty, our black and white murals should be your first choice! Elegant, distinguished and powerful, these murals will add a dramatic impact and will become the centrepiece of your wall. The collection of impressive photo wallpapers will enhance any room and doesn’t have to be large scale to look great. You can order a smaller size wall mural and display it as artwork above a desk, a sofa or a fireplace.

Enjoy Easy Installation & Unique Prints

We print our black and white wall murals on our original and innovative self-adhesive woven fabric. If you are looking for an easy solution to transform the look of your walls and the decor of your room, you are at the right place! Our wall murals, wallpaper murals and photo murals are extremely easy to install and can be easily removed if needed.

Browse Luxe Walls’ line of black and white wallpapers to discover how many ways this simple monotone colour palette can be used to create the perfect space and ambience. Or take a look at our more colourful collections available to order!

Black and white wallpaper is the ideal base for any room. The complementary colours create interesting designs that are dynamic, impactful, and yet understated. Our range of black and white wallpaper for walls includes designs that appeal to your unique style. Add any colour or combination to enhance your walls and create a bold, striking look.

Monochromatic wallpaper is a popular tool for interior designers. It provides them with endless options for creating unique looks. Black and white wallpaper are especially popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It works beautifully with your sleek metal utensils and any colour of appliances. They make it easy to switch to a different colour theme any time you need a change.

Easy Peasy

Our black and white wall murals are the highest quality and they’re easy to apply. Choose your favourite and we’ll design it according to your wall’s specifications. Our black and white wallpaper will let you achieve a timeless, powerful design on your walls. A design that is one of a kind.