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Industrial Wallpaper

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Industrial Wallpaper

Channel the edgy, urban vibe of raw cement, concrete and brick with our gritty range of industrial wallpaper. A Faux Finish industrial print makes a fantastic feature wall in any room, but it’s especially impactful in more public spaces like living rooms, lounges or commercial spaces.

Added Illusion

Exposed brick walls bring a sense of the exterior urban jungle into your space. They also make for great inside/outside illusions that will trick guests and visitors, creating intrigue and interest around your decor. Added details, an eye-catching piece of street art or some dramatic flaking, draw the eye across the room and create depth and contrast. The whole effect plays with the sense of dimension within the space!

Sophisticated Feel

Concrete creates a more sophisticated, chic feel for your industrial scheme, with a simple, fresh, serene palette that just screams modern and understated refinement. Dress it up with some metal highlights and sleek, contemporary lines for a clean, masculine space. On the other hand, you could play around with textures to soften up the feel of the space and create a more contrasting, engaging environment.

Your Choice

The great thing about industrial colour palettes is the freedom they leave you when it comes to accessorising! They lend themselves well to most decor schemes, bringing an edgy feel to more traditional or eclectic furnishings or nicely complimenting modern, contemporary interiors. 

Accent Colours

When it comes to accent colours, the sky is the limit! Black, metals, chrome, and other stylish finishings work amazingly for those more pared-back, classy schemes. However, contrasting your industrial wallpaper with bold, vibrant colours and soft, varied textures brings a more feminine touch to the urban decor. 

Keeping it Simple

Our peel-and-stick wallpapers are easy to install and highly durable, so your urban makeover will be up and ready in a jiffy. Enjoy the process just as much as the finished result!