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Brown Wallpaper

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Brown Wallpaper

The colour brown is often seen as solid, much like the earth – it’s a natural colour that evokes a sense of reliability and strength – when it comes to wallpapers we can add stylish to that list as well. Not often is brown thought of as an appealing colour yet a lot of what we love is brown; chocolate or even coffee, for example, the wallpapers we have are just as tasty don’t you worry.

In our Brown Wallpaper collection, you’ll find a sweet variety of print designs to suit the look of your next renovation or simply to spruce up a room that needs some TLC. 

Wonderful Wood Finishes

Another thing we often come across every day that is brown is wood. In this category, there are some very tasteful prints featuring wood panels, wood grain and even cross parquetry designs which all have that realistic look. Wood panel wallpapers are a perfect substitute for real wood since they are 100% removable and give that same look of depth created by authentic wood. Wooden designs will work wonderfully for any room you want that cabin or beach house appearance – even just subtle touches here and there work wonders.


Despite initial thoughts, Brown Wallpaper really does add a tasteful element into a room. We have many designs you can choose from including but not limited to; floral, leopard print and multiple abstract designs. No matter which style you decide on, it will surely bring a feeling of good taste into the room, since brown as a wallpaper just works. For one, these brown wallpaper designs would look next level in a living room, dining room or even in a hallway. There are many ways you can utilise these designs to their full potential, that choice is up to you!

Easy Does It

Luxe Walls’ peel-and-stick wallpapers make DIY design projects so much easier. Don’t be intimidated at the thought of making over your walls! Our wallpapers are easy to install, long-lasting and good-looking.