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Hamptons Wallpaper

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Who doesn’t love a taste of the classic sophistication that comes with a Hamptons style interior? Designed to entertain, the Hamptons style is defined by wide open spaces, bright and airy colour schemes and tasteful, pared-back elegance, all tied together with a nautical twist. Our range of Hamptons Wallpaper will inspire you to relook at the refined beachside vibe.

Cool blues, delicate neutrals and classic patterns come together to create easy-going, relaxing environments where pleasure is the order of the day. 

A Hamptons look is ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, lounges and patios – anywhere you’ll find yourself entertaining guests, enjoying a drink with a view or fine-dining the night away. Surrounded by fresh, classic charm, you’ll never want to leave your Hamptons home ever again!

A Nautical Story

Whites, neutrals, yellows and greens are all ideal for pairing with those cool nautical tones. The juxtaposition of the fresher blues with warm colours creates great depth and contrast in an otherwise cooler scheme. 

Black also plays a vital role in Hamptons decor. It’s a colour that exudes class and luxe, bringing a touch of prestige to your scheme. Accent your neutral colour story with black highlights, or go for an all-black scheme with white, gold and bronze accents. Add some warmth and soften the edges with natural materials as well!

A Taste of Texture

Complement your cool, calm and sophisticated interior with a clash of textures to bring in some diversity and geniality. Play with rugs, throws, pillows and natural textures like linen and cotton, and have fun with stripes, circles, squares or any shapes you fancy! This will create contrast and interest, helping to draw the eye across the room. 

Simply Good

With Luxe Wall’s peel-and-stick Hamptons wallpaper, obtain that refined, elegant Hamptons look in a jiffy! It’s easy to install, and there’s absolutely no mess. What’s more, our papers are long-lasting and easy to maintain, so they’ll keep their looks no matter how many guests come through your living room.