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Lilac Wallpaper

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Lilac Wallpaper

When you read the word “lilac,” you can almost smell the sweet scent of the flowers that bloom in Spring. In a world full of blues and reds, lilac is rare and uncommon. The uniqueness of the colour implies a willingness to stand out and go against the crowd. 

A variety of beautiful designs make up our Lilac Wallpaper Collection. All of which are blessed with that elegant soft shade of purple we know and love.

Stand Out

As a lighter shade of purple, Lilac is not a colour that stands out in a bold sense but in a more a stylish and unique manner. All of the prints in this collection are designed to give your favourite rooms a sweet touch of class. Tea rooms, lounge rooms and even bedrooms will largely benefit from a lilac wallpaper. Create a living area that instantly exuberates elegance.

Flower Power

When it comes to any shade of purple it’s hard not to think of flowers, especially Lilac where the name actually originates from the flower. Within this category, you’ll come across numerous floral designs that are just stunning both in and on lilac. Floral designs suit many walls all around the house. The kitchen, bathroom and lounge are just a few tasteful options where these lilac floral prints could be used to further enhance the overall appearance and give your home a unique flair.

Uniquely Simple

Our peel-and-stick wallpapers are easy to install and highly durable, so your room’s timeless and practical makeover will be up and ready in no time!  Enjoy the process just as much as the finished result!