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Yoni Meinrath Wallpaper

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Yoni Meinrath is a contemporary photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Yoni Meinrath is Natura.Geometrika.
In his corporate career, Yoni had a deep desire to solve problems using creative techniques – ideation and imagination – however, his alternative approaches were often shunned in the highly regulated and process-driven corporate environment. These experiences manifested as the juncture of logic and creativity – order and chaos if you will – becoming the common creative thread personifying Yoni’s work.

Yoni’s photographic style is inspired and informed by his formative late-teen years; an era whose soundtrack was grunge and where aspirations were often defined by images from the grainy black and white heroin-chic look book made famous by Franca Sozzani, then Editor in Chief of Italian Vogue, and fashion photographers the late Corinne Day and the late Davide Sorrenti. This often manifests in intimate, grainy and moody photos.
A close brush with blindness in his late-30’s also left Yoni with a preference for simple and abstract imagery.
His works have recently featured the intimate macro-geometry in cacti, champagne-like structure in the froth of waves, grainy and textural Sydney sandstone and emotive ethereal long-exposure landscape and street photography. Many of his works break with expected contemporary conventions.
When not with his camera, Yoni can often be found swimming in the ocean.