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Damask Wallpaper

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Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpaper is inspired by the Byzantine and Islamic weaving centres of the early middle ages and is a reversible figured fabric or silk with a pattern formed by weaving. Modernly, it’s a style that has become synonymous with feature patterns of flowers, fruits, animals among more. The long floats of satin-woven warp and weft threads cause soft highlights on the fabric which reflect light differently according to the position of the observer. Damask is usually used for mid-to-high-quality garments, meaning the label tends to have a higher definition and a more “expensive” look. Whether bold, bright colours or muted calming tones, medallion damask style can bring a room to life through a beautiful vintage, regal or quirky mural wallpaper. Our wallpapers and wall murals will add a hint of colour and will blend perfectly in any type of decor.

Cultural Heritage

Shop around our damask wallpaper range to observe an array of different artworks and designs ranging from a cultural and traditional context to modern flower images that will add colour, brightness and life to any room of your home.

Three Fabric Styles

You can use our damask wallpaper on our original and innovative self-adhesive canvas, linen or crushed stone wallpaper. If you are looking for an easy solution to transform the look of your walls and the decor of your room, you are at the right place! Our wall murals, wallpaper murals and photo murals are extremely easy to install and can easily be removed if needed.

Bespoke Wallpapers

All of Luxe Walls’ damask wallpaper options are custom printed after your order is received, to ensure that your room is totally unique – just like you. And thanks to the highest attention to detail at every stage of production, Luxe Walls’ wallpapers and wall murals are luxurious additions to any room. Browse the large collection of damask mural choices and you’re likely to find that you have more favourites than you can choose from!