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Hallway Wallpaper

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The hallway is the first room you and your guests see when you come home, so it should speak volumes about who you are and how you like to live! It sets the tone for the rest of your house, so even if it’s a space that feels awkward to decorate, don’t neglect it during your next makeover. 

Our beautiful range of luxury hallway prints will transform your entrance, stairwell or corridor into the perfect first impression. Set the right tone from the get-go!

Your Hallway, Your Way

Hallways can be awkward to deal with. You might be faced with a long and narrow tunnel-type space, or a cold and cavernous front room. On the other hand, your hallway might be one of the small, cramped spaces that barely passes for a ‘room.’ Whatever your hallway, you can use Luxe Walls’ gorgeous range of wallpapers to make the best out of your space. 

By manipulating patterns, scales, directions and colours, you can transform your hallway into the entrance of your dreams!

The Tunnel Hallway

If your hallway feels like a long tunnel with no end, decorate it with intense, warm colours. This creates the illusion of a shorter space, and, as a bonus, makes adjacent rooms feel brighter and more spacious.

The Cavernous Hallway

When your hallway is too big, too high and seems impossible to decorate, choose large-scale, uncluttered designs in intense colours. This type of print brings the walls and ceiling in just a little, so your hallway feels cosier. 

The Tiny Hallway

Maybe your hallway is fit for a king – a lego king, that is. You can open it up by playing with small-scale designs in light, muted and cool tones. These refreshing hues also lengthen shorter hallways. 

Cardinal Directions

Using the direction of a pattern to your advantage can help you manipulate your space. Vertical designs pull in high ceilings, while horizontal designs can stretch out the wall space. 

Easy as Pie

Luxe Walls’ no mess, no fuss peel-and-stick wallpapers are the bee’s knees when it comes to easy decorating. Quick to apply, they’re long-lasting and good-looking, so there’s no excuse not to get renovating.