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Tannia Taranto Wallpaper

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3D Shapes Wallpaper
$71.82 /sqm
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Tannia Taranto is a self-taught contemporary artist working and living in Melbourne, Australia.
Much of Tannia’s work is inspired by the world of fashion and figurative photography; architecture and interior design. On one side her figurative work details and captures the empowerment of the female body with a sophisticated yet vulnerable portrayal. Then on the other side her abstract artworks take on a natural and free flowing element inspired by architectural forms, shapes and textures.

Tannia’s creativity and versatility constantly takes her art on a journey as she experiments with many mediums like acrylic, resin, ink, graphite and plaster and adapts that into her portraiture and abstract art; and more recently her collection of kitchen homewares.

Tannia actively exhibits her art locally in Melbourne and is an active member of TAM (Thou Art Mum) a network of female artists in North-East Melbourne and the MAVA Collective (Melbourne and Victorian Artists). To view more of Tannia’s work visit:

Instagram – @tanniataranto
Facebook @tanniatarantoart