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Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper

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A perfect blend of traditional, rustic comforts and functional contemporary touches, the Modern Farmhouse look is the new darling of the interior design world. Harking back to the ‘good old days’ with a nostalgic nod but keeping effortlessly abreast of new trends and developments, this is a look that’s easy to get right, and easy to personalise. 

Less rustic, more sophisticated, you can make your home feel as cosy as a traditional farmhouse, but with a more glossy, industrial edge that gives it a contemporary, up-to-date feel. This look incorporates elements from other popular styles, such as Minimalism, Modern, Contemporary and Industrial decors, so it’s always moving with the times. There’s something for everyone!

We have a gorgeous collection of wallpapers that lend themselves perfectly to the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic. They’ll bring the scheme together or act as a subtle nod to the style, depending on how you choose to use them!

A Neutral Colour Story

Cool and warm neutrals make spaces feel open and fresh, and they’re the perfect backdrop for those farmhouse/modern accents you’re playing with. Bring depth to the scheme by layering textures and simple patterns.

Function Comes First

As with Modern, Minimalist and Contemporary interiors, part of the beauty of furnishings comes from how well they perform their function. In Modern Farmhouse interiors, the focus is on comfort and practicality. Nothing should be too precious to be used daily, and items that look used are a plus!

Natural Elements

Contrasting your modern touches, like stainless steel, granite countertops, chrome and glossy accents, with natural materials is the easiest way to balance the look. Timber is a stand-out feature in Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse styles!

Simplicity is Key

There’s nothing easier than giving your walls a makeover with our peel-and-stick wallpapers! They’re so simple to install and easy to maintain – what are you waiting for?