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Red Wallpaper

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Red Wallpaper

Red stands for many things, all of them potent. It is romantic and passionate. In a professional setting, red is used to capture attention, elicit emotion, and convey confidence. If you are looking for a bold colour that defines then this is just the category for you. 

From bricks and stones to various patterned designs – if red is the colour you’re after then I’m sure this collection will have something for you. 

A Focal Point

Red is a focal point in any room in which it is placed due to its boldness and the way it stands in contrast to many other colours. This category features extremely vibrant designs which can be used to create a nice contrast with other walls in select rooms or hallways. For example, having a red feature wall in a room will create a focal point without being overbearing or domineering.

Conveying Confidence

Using red wallpaper in your interior, may not be for everyone & perhaps too bold a choice. However, when used correctly red wallpapers are absolute show stoppers. Looking at our Brisbane Map or Candy Apple Wallpapers you can see just how vibrant they are and how a certain style can pull it off and conversation starter. Having the right mix of contrasting and complementary colours within the same room or hallway would work very well if red is your flavour. Wallpapers in red hues can work well as a feature wall too if the wall is to be a part of the display.

Give It A Try

Our peel-and-stick wallpapers are easy to install and highly durable, so your rooms makeover will be up and ready in no time!  Enjoy the process just as much as the finished result.