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5 Bold Wallpapers to Liven Up Any Room

August 11 2021

Gotten tired of the same look for your room? Want to kick it up a notch? We’ve got the perfect wallpapers for you to take it to the next level. With the right wallpaper you can change the style of a room without having to make big changes. Sounds exciting right? We have made a list of 5 bold wallpapers to enhance your bedroom, dining or lounge.

5 Bold Wallpapers to Liven Up Any Room

Folk Blooms Wallpaper

Folk Blooms Wallpaper in pink hues is a unique & charming design that will add a subtle vintage influence on your interior. You can match this wallpaper with pink, purple or yellow furniture to create a stylish look. It can be displayed in a powder room or kitchen to provide a homey feel. This warm design can also be matched with accessories in the room to create a variety of styles from boho, chic, cosy or retro. You choose!

Proud Peacock Wallpaper

Add a majestic look to your room with this Chinoiserie wallpaper that makes a bold statement on your walls. The proud peacock sits pride of place, surrounded by herons and peonies adding a look of luxury and grandeur. A unique design that will enhance any room. Print this on Luxe Linen and it take it to the next level by giving it a 3D textural touch. This will look great in your bedroom, dining room or lounge.

Red Wine Time Wallpaper

The Pink and Black swirls of Red Wine Time Wallpaper has a sophisticated yet fun energy. It embodies a modern and contemporary feel. The layering of organic shapes within the artwork creates a sense of depth. This look brings a timeless and classy style to your room. Printing this design on Luxe Linen will take this further and add another element with texture.

Sunflower Field Wallpaper

Who doesn’t like a field of sunflowers, they exude happiness, life and freshness. Most people use this scene as their happy place. Well, you can make this a reality and create your happy place right in your home. This wallpaper is the perfect choice to brighten up your room. Proudly plaster it on your wall and pair it with yellow toned furniture to really bring out the sunshine.

Tropical Palm Leaves Wallpaper

Add a botanical feel to your room with this impressive rainforest inspired wallpaper. Whether you use this wall mural in a kids room or a lounge room, a fresh and lush ambience will be created. You can dress it up or down and create a boho vibe with some rattan furniture or make it look like the Hamptons with a white couch and wooden table. Whichever way you choose, this versatile look will certainly brighten up your room.