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5 Hot Home Decor Trends For This Autumn

5 Hot Home Decor Trends For This Autumn

February 1 2017

As with high end fashion, interior design trends are constantly evolving and changing. Continual exposure to magazines, home renovation shows and an array of lifestyle blogs can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

5 Hot Home Decor Trends For This Autumn

There are always a range of choices and forecasts for the next season, and our team of experts have done the research for you.

What’s on the horizon for design trends this autumn when it comes to interiors?

1. Jewel tones

The last few years have seen understated hues of greys and pastels take over our homes, offices and accessories. The soft tones have played a massive role in our interior decorating but it’s all about to change.

Trend experts have listed ‘jewel tones’ as the next big thing. Think deep rich greens like emerald, opal purples and other tones inspired by metallics, and metals.

You can stay on top of this trend by simply updating your accents like cushions and curtains, which also give any space a tranquil, renaissance feel.

If you’re feeling daring, you could also opt for a jewel toned feature wall using removable wallpaper.

Experts have specifically singled out dark green as the must-have shade of the season.

2. Dark Timber

Similarly, over the past few years the ‘Scandinavian’ style has been very in, which meant a lot of pale timber finishes and accents.

This season, it’s all about the rich colour and texture of those darker timbers. We’ve been seeing blonde hues for years now, and the interior industry has been craving a drastic change.

Coffee tables, dining table settings and exposed dark timber beams are all ways to express this new trend, and create a sophisticated ambience throughout your interiors.

3. Terracotta

Slowing down the fast-paced nature of life and getting back to basics is another major focus in these season’s trend forecasting, and what’s more earthy than terracotta?

The minimalistic and cool whites and greys of recent seasons are still popular, while the warmer tones and textures of terracotta will see a huge spike.

Whether it’s with pot plants along your windowsill, or a whole outdoor garden, terracotta is definitely a favourite for this year’s trend forecast.

4. Woven baskets

We’re sure we’re not the only ones seeing a theme in these trends so far. Interiors this season are taking a step back from the edgy minimalist style and are becoming immersed in more natural colours and textures.

One popular option is using woven baskets as accents throughout your home to add a touch of texture and warmth.

These not only act as stylish accents, but as practical storage solutions for all your seasonal wares.

5. Tropical prints

If you’re prone to keeping an eye on fashion as well as interiors, you’d know how much the big designers love their tropical prints.

And what happens in fashion, generally crosses over to interiors. Tropical prints are going to be incredibly popular this season.

While tropical prints are usually seen as quite a bold choice, you don’t have to go all-out if you don’t want to! If a feature wall doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not accent your space with tropical print cushions, or update your table setting with some brave placemats and accessories?

When it comes to staying on top of the latest trends, don’t forget about your own individual tastes and style! Make the trends work for you!

There are plenty of options for how you can incorporate the latest trends into your home decor and interiors. The best part is, you can go as large or small scale as you want.

What do you think is going to be hot this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.