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Choose A Timeless Wallpaper Design: 6 Top Tips From Our Experts

January 11 2017

The range of wallpaper people have to choose from today is bigger than ever before. Selecting a wall covering can often seem overwhelming for those who aren’t familiar with the interior design realm.

Choose A Timeless Wallpaper Design: 6 Top Tips From Our Experts

Textures, patterns, materials, colours and designs can make selecting the perfect wallpaper increasingly difficult for anyone. The first choice a home maker needs to make is whether to go ‘timeless’ or ‘timely’.

A ‘timeless’ wallpaper is one that never goes out of style, and can work with a variety of decor pieces in your home. Timeless wall coverings tend not to date easily, and can see you through numerous changes in trends and fashions throughout the years.

A ‘timely’ design is one that’s ‘on trend’ at the moment, but may not work from season to season.

Depending on a person’s own personal style and tendencies towards home renovating, many people opt for a timeless wallpaper, to save themselves time, money and hassle.

So how do you go about choosing the perfect timeless wall mural or covering? Let’s take a look at some advice from our experts below…

 1. Consider the mood you want

Before you get cracking on selecting your favourite print, it’s super important that you take some time to have a think about what kind of mood you want to create in the space you’re redecorating.

So many different things can impact the mood of a room, and it’s vital that you consider these in order to get the outcome you want from your wallpaper.

Are you opting for light and airy, or perhaps dark and dramatic? Is it a social room, a kid’s room or an en suite?

An aesthetic that might exude luxury and decadence in one room, might not translate well in another.

Have a brainstorm of what colours and prints you think represent the mood you want to showcase.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to consider the rest of our tips…

2. Small-scale wallpaper prints and designs work best

There’s nothing worse than a horrifically large print that swallows an entire room. Design experts have always said that larger scale prints date much faster than small-scale designs.

Smaller prints and designs offer a room a more subtle touch of style, while not overwhelming the space with a particular aesthetic.

Because of this, smaller-scale wall coverings and murals are known to be more ‘timeless’ and longer lasting than their larger sized cousins.

It’s far easier to match furniture and decor to a more subtle design than a statement one.

Think intricate japanese wallpaper, subtle wall murals, or a classic black and white wallpaper.

3. Order wallpaper samples

Remember those factors we mentioned earlier? Things like texture and material?

The best way to work out what type of wallpaper will be timeless in your home is to order a sample of the type of wall covering to test out.

Most wall covering retailers (Luxe Walls included!), offer their customers a special sample pack for a small fee.

Note: these are a standard print, and are especially for trialling the material and texture as opposed to the print itself.

These sample packs allow homemakers and renovators alike to try out what works best for their projects and homes.

Ordering a sample can help you determine what will stand the test of time, and outlast the current trends and fashions.

4. Consider the style of the whole house

While you may only be working on one specific room, you still need some degree of uniformity throughout your whole home.

Nothing shouts ‘out of style’ or ‘old news’ like clashing styles from room to room in a house.

Be sure there’s some element that ties your home together as one, whether it’s a theme in decor, a particular colour scheme or something more creative.

Remember that the style of your home and your selection of wall coverings should reflect your own personal tastes.

5. Use removable wallpaper

With the developments in digital printing and the recent DIY phenomenon in the home renovating industry, one of the great options available is removable wallpaper.

Removable wall coverings take the pressure off when it comes to selecting the perfect design.

This option is particularly useful for people who aren’t completely confident in their interior decorating skills.

Removable wallpaper allows you to experiment with what works for that timeless look, without risking the high price point and mess of permanent wallpaper.

6. Neutral wallpaper designs

When in doubt, the best advice to follow is to go neutral. Neutral in terms of colour palettes and patterns – don’t go for anything too ‘out there’.

Variations of creams, greys and whites are always a safe option when it comes to choosing a timeless design for your interiors.

As you can see, even if you’re not a design expert, there are numerous ways you can select a timeless wallpaper for your home.

How have you used wallpaper to add a timeless look to your interiors? Why not share your experience in the comments below?