Inspiration – Corporate



Luxe Walls is the go-to destination for affordable removable wallpaper. From feature walls to entire offices and boardrooms, no matter what sort of business you run, our removable wallpaper can transform any space.

First impressions are everything, particularly in business, and the space where you hold your meetings and entertain clients should be impressive, creative and inspiring.

You want ideas to run riot and working relationships to blossom.

Think of the most successful businesses out there: Google, Dropbox, AirBnb, what do they have in common? They all have incredible outside-the-box corporate headquarters to inspire creativity and a collaborative work environment.

You can give your office the special treatment with Luxe Walls’ removable wallpaper. We’ve partnered with Alamy, one of the world’s largest imagery suppliers, which means we’ve got thousands of photographs, prints and patterns for you to choose from.

From breathtaking landscape and cityscape photography to vintage and floral prints, we’ve got something to suit every office and headquarters.

Behind-the-scenes, our experts stay on top of the latest interior design trends, and help you add your brand’s unique personality into the equation. Whether you want to reinvent an entire space, or simply hit refresh on a particular aspect of your office, Luxe Walls offers customised, yet affordable solutions for your decor needs.

With a decade’s experience in the large format print industry behind us, we know absolutely everything there is to know about print quality and design. Our wallpaper and wall art can be entirely personalised to feature branded logos, company colour schemes, inspirational quotes and more, perfect for creating a fresh and productive workspace.

Our specially crafted self-adhesive and removable wall covers ensure that you can reinvent your space as often as you like. Luxe Walls’ wallpaper is fuss-free and mess-free, with no glue or steaming needed, which means your business won’t be disrupted during the installation.

Particularly good for client-facing industries, Luxe Walls offers a cheap, but effective option for adding a pop of personality and style to your headquarters.

Create a new ambience in just minutes, with easy installation.
Luxe Canvas is removable without damaging your walls. Perfect for renters.
Peel and stick – no mess , with no glue or paste required.
Personalise your wallpaper – upload your own image.