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Décor trends for you in 2022

January 21 2022


Violet is a colour to watch out for in 2022, as it is anticipated to be the most popular colour. Purple hues have become popular in recent years, with violet claiming the top spot. Any room will be filled with passion, mood, and vibrancy when using this popular colour.

Décor trends for you in 2022

You can enhance a room by adding this colour to either wallpaper or to furniture. This versatile colour can be displayed at varied intensities, you can go as deep or as subtle as you wish.  You won’t be disappointed with adding some violet to your space!


One of the 5 senses is touch, texture can take your wallpaper to the next level. Adding texture also makes your wall feel more expensive and gives the illusion of the real material.

Textural washes and surfaces will also have a major presence in the coming year. Achieving or improving tactility in order to create places that seem natural, lived-in, and comfortable is encouraging a lot of interior designs to choose this option.

Blues and Greens

Who said blues and greens are never to be seen? Contrasting colours are a great way to add vibrancy and create depth in your home. There are many colour choices for blues and greens, and they can be toned up to look bright and vibrant or tones down for a calmer look. You can also create contrast these colours by utilising furniture, cushions, curtains or décor.

Blue and green are also earthy tones and can bring in the same calming effect that the sky, ocean and trees have on us. There’s beautiful options and pairings that can work together to create an abstract depiction of nature and the world.


Design trends for 2022 are all about geometrics and symmetry, reflecting our need to get our lives back on track. With the usage of kitchen cabinetry, room separators, windows, and doors, slim lines are everywhere.

Lines create order to the room and can make it look sleek while encouraging focus, it’s perfect for an office or dining space. The symmetric lines create a sense of calmness and consistency.