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Design Tips To Redecorate Your Home

August 11 2021

Designing your house can be fun and exciting but it can also be a little bit scary. Research shows that people redecorate on average once every five years. That’s a lot of redecorating, a lot of experience and a lot of advice. If you have done this before and want some new ideas or this is your first-time redecorating. We put together some design tips to help you on your journey.

Design Tips To Redecorate Your Home

Choose The Right Chairs

Chairs are important and can set up the atmosphere and style of the room. They are more than just accessories and can be the perfect design tool to add to a room. Of course, in addition to looking good they must also feel good. Chairs are a great tool to jazz up your room, they can go with many different styles of wallpaper and furnishing and just like our easy to apply and remove wallpaper you always have the option of changing up your chairs. An easy, quick and affordable way to change the style of your lounge, dining room or office.

Cut The Clutter

We have all heard less is more, to make the style of the room stand out decreasing clutter helps. I know what you’re thinking – it’s easier said than done. What do we do with all the stuff in the house that you don’t want to give away? Well, there are smart ways to increase storage space. You can have storage space under stairs, under beds or add a cabinet that fits in with the style of the room. If you think this will make your room look smaller you can use some of our wallpaper that makes the room like bigger and brighter.

Can’t Go Wrong With Colour

The colour you add to a room can impact the size that it looks and the style. With the use of colours there are limitless options to what you can do with your room. Any style you choose, you can go monochrome, contrast, complimenting or choose a tone that fits the mood you’re looking for. You can add colour through your furniture, accessories and the biggest impact – your walls! Adding a feature wall or all making all four sides a certain colour can help you mould the room and make it your perfect space.

Try Before You Buy

For those of you hesitant to change the style of your room, we get it. Making a change can be scary especially if you have no idea how it is going to look in your space. Companies help customers mitigate this fear by providing samples or using AI so you can visualise the changes you want in the room itself. This can be really helpful to see how size and placing impacts bringing the vision to reality. It’s also a great way to see if everything matches and works well together. That’s why Luxewalls offers FREE samples, so you can check the texture, adhesive compatibility and can see it with your furnishings, floor and lighting.

Whatever you choose to go with in colours, furniture or styles. You can be adventurous and try something different, you always have the option of trying and changing. With all of this, you are bound to create the perfect space in your home.