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Fake the Look with Natural Wallpaper

June 4 2020

Sometimes, our interior design dreams go beyond the bounds of our budget. Mmmmh, that beautiful oak panelled study…That trendy and industrial concrete living room…The edgy brick hallway…The cosy stone bedroom… Only in our dreams? Not anymore! 

Wallpaper comes to the rescue (again)! This budget-friendly, easy-to-use decor tool is continually surprising us, and designers are coming up with new and inventive schemes every year to enable us to live out our interior design dreams. 

Natural or faux-effect wallpaper prints are the ideal way for enthusiastic decorators to save time and money, all the while creating the perfect look. Delivering maximum impact with minimal effort, the optical trickeries of your new wallpaper are bound to awe and amaze your guests – not to mention that they make a memorable and distinctive statement to match your personality and design aesthetic. Be bold and beautiful with these stunning natural looks!

Another Brick in the Wall

If it’s industrial you’re after, with a pinch of street-wise grittiness, then brick walls are the perfect option for your next remodel. Luckily, you won’t need to be stripping back or knocking down any walls, thanks to the extensive range of brick-effect wallpapers you can choose between. 

From gritty red-brickromantic vinesedgy white-wash and traditional beauty, to everything else in between, the sky’s the limit!

Graffiti Graphics

With street-graffiti wallpaper, bring urban creativity into your home and make a splash! This is an excellent idea for a feature wall. Graffiti wallpapers combine optical illusion with real artistry, making for a unique and impactful decor that’s sure to get the conversation flowing. 

With dark, dramatic piecesevocative portraitssplashes of colour and street-illusion prints, finding the graffiti to match your mood is as fun as it is easy. 

Cool Concrete

Another great way to create an industrial or contemporary interior, concrete-effect wallpaper brings you that perfect finish without the hassle. Pair with metal finishings for an industrial edge, or follow through with soft furnishings for a contemporary feel. 

Choose amongst titillating texturesimmersive illusions and playful colours to find the concrete that sets best with you. 

Mad for Marble

The craze for marble wallpaper was discussed in more depth here, but this phenomenon definitely deserves a spot amongst the faux-finish-wonders available these days. Bring a touch of drama, class and timeless sophistication into your home with the natural beauty of this magnificent stone. 

Set in Stone

Replicate the depth and history of man-made and natural stone walls with these fun and fabulous prints. Stone walls add an element of weathered strength and age to a room, making you feel connected to the world beyond your doors. 

You can paper your room with stunning natural minerals, rocky textures or man-made stone walls, or simply a beautiful collection of rocks


So many of us dream of those perfect wood finishings, and that dream is now right at your fingertips! Myriad faux-wood effects are available, whether you like pine, oak, white-wash or painted wood. From cosy, rustic vibes, to classic polished looks or a beachy, coastal feel, it’s all here!


It might seem intimidating to integrate a natural-effect print into your design scheme. How do you style it? How can you accessorize? There are a few safe methods to guarantee your plan pulls together, and a few more daring techniques for the bold and the brave.

Colour Story

Mirror the colours, hues and accents from your wallpaper in the furniture, soft furnishing and accessories. This ensures your colour story is cohesive, easy on the eyes and brain and straightforward to style. 

Colour Clash

On the other hand, you could choose colours at the opposite end of the spectrum to create dramatic and eye-catching colour stories with a lot of depth. 

Stick to Your Story

If you chose your wallpaper to create a specific feel or vibe, then keep the accessorizing in line with that narrative. If all the elements in the room tell the same story, your scheme will naturally pull together!

Mix it Up

Using an ‘outdoors’ print inside is already messing with traditional design aesthetics, so why not take it one step further and pair your edgy concrete with a traditional, french-style couch! Mixing genres can create witty and engaging spaces that feel unique, free-spirited and cheeky.