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Get creative and cook up a charming kitchen

November 23 2021

Wow with white

Get creative and cook up a charming kitchen

White makes a space look bigger and brighter while also conveying cleanliness. By having an all-white kitchen, you are introducing this to your space. You can also have an open plan home which allows this feel to flow through the neighbouring spaces. 

White is a blank canvas, allowing you to choose between a minimal kitchen design or adding pops of colour through your appliances and decor. The options with a white background are endless. You can sneak in some extra style by adding texture and patterns to the white walls. 

Choose Colour

Can’t find the cabinet colour or style you’re looking for? Apply wallpaper to your cabinets to customise it to your taste. 

The ease, affordability and convenience with DIY wallpaper means you can choose to change styles as often as you desire. Any time you want a fresh look or want to try a trend you can just peel off the old and stick on the new.

You can also add this to shelves or walls if you want to match other parts of your kitchen and extend the versatility of design to the entire space. 

Make it Monochrome

Monochrome looks are great for a simple yet sophisticated statement piece. Choose a colour for your kitchen, there are a variety of options to help narrow this down like choosing one that matches the style of other rooms and is an extension or one that introduces a different feel. 

Once you have the colour, choose which aspects of your kitchen you want to highlight and those that you want to blend. Look out for different shapes and spaces that will help you display interesting styles. 

You can choose a range of tones from bright, pastel or dark and cut the space by adding patterns in sections.